Joomla! Skype Status 2

This extension is not supported yet: Skype Status API is no longer available from the Skype server (read this answer from the official Skype FAQs). Instead of using this module, you can use this official generator and add the resulting code in a Joomla HTML module.

Joomla! module linking your Skype account and displaying your Skype status with periodically AJAX refresh (as used in this page sidebar). Click the link below to download the module.

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English, Italian,  Arabic (by Mohannad Almasoud), Danish (by Povl Hansen), Dutch (by Milan Laumen), French (by Olivier Nyon), German (by Gerhard Adler), Greek (by WebMaster StetSi),  Hungarian (by Istvan Somlai), Persian (by Shentia),  Portuguese (Brasil) (by Carlos Rodrigues),  Russian (by Dkautorr),  Ukrainian (by Vasia Vandich), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guide translations

This guide is translated in Armenian language by Leyli Saffian:

Installation guide

Login only with standalone Skype account: status from Skype account created from Microsoft or Facebook account cannot be fetched.

On Windows 8, in order to let the module fetch your status from Skype server, you have to use Skype for Windows Desktop: Skype for Windows 8 (Metro UI style) doesn't allow to show your status on the web.

In order to use the module, it is necessary to configure Skype so that it allows access to your status: you can achieve this enabling Allow my online status to be shown on the web in Skype > Privacy... menu.

Now you can install Joomla! Skype Status module from Extensions > Extension Manager > Install.

After installation, open Skype status item from Extensions > Module Manager.

Proceed with the configuration: in addition to the standard options common to all Joomla! modules, there are some specific options for the Skype Status module:

  • Skype Username: your Skype account name.
  • Refresh Interval: status refresh interval in seconds (via AJAX).
  • Text: text to output before image status.
  • Text Below: text to output after image status.
  • Command: Skype command on status click.
  • Image Folder: online/offline/loading image location.
  • Loading Image: image to show while status is loading.
  • Online/Offline/Away/Busy Image: image to show according to your Skype status (see Skype Status Custom Images).
  • Include jQuery: to turn off only when the jQuery library (needed to make the module works) is already included by another Joomla! extension or by your template.


Problem: Although I've configured my Skype account as described in the guide, my status is always offline.
Solution: Make sure allow_url_fopen option is active from php.ini configuration file at your hosting service.

Problem: Skype status icon is not visible although link to my Skype account is present. Why?
Solution: May be necessary to eliminate some older version of jQuery included in HTML head from your template or any other Joomla! extension: they could override the most recent version included by Skype Status module.

Problem: The module keep displaying loading image and my Skype status never appear.
Solution: Check if the address is reachable; if you get an error page, ensure the file ajax.php in the module folder has the necessary execute permission.