Una potente estensione sviluppata da S2 Software per il framework PHP CodeIgniter.

La classe implementa l'accesso al database tramite un facile ed intuitivo approccio orientato agli oggetti.

Documentazione e download presso il relativo repository GitHub:


This Joomla! extension resizes and adjusts on the fly any image related to an article (in the Text, Intro Image and Full Article Image) according to a set of options defined in the plug-in settings page.

This extension is not supported yet: Skype Status API is no longer available from the Skype server (read this answer from the official Skype FAQs). Instead of using this module, you can use this official generator and add the resulting code in a Joomla HTML module.

Joomla! module linking your Skype account and displaying your Skype status with periodically AJAX refresh (as used in this page sidebar). Click the link below to download the module.