Joomla! Skype Status

Joomla! module linking your Skype account and displaying your Skype status with periodically AJAX refresh (as used in this page sidebar).

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Installation guide

In order to use the module, it is necessary to configure Skype so that it allows access to your status: you can achieve this enabling Allow my online status to be shown on the web in Skype > Privacy... menu.


Now you can install Joomla! Skype Status module from Extensions > Extension Manager > Install.

After installation, open Skype status item from Extensions > Module Manager.

Proceed with the configuration: in addition to the standard options common to all Joomla! modules, there are some specific options for the Skype Status module:

  • Skype Username (required): your Skype account name.
  • Refresh Interval (optional): status refresh interval in seconds (via AJAX).
  • Text (optional): text to output before image status.
  • Image Folder (optional): online/offline/loading image location.
  • Loading Image (optional): image to show while status is loading.
  • Online Image / Offline Image (optional): image to show according to your Skype status.
  • Include jQuery (optional): to turn off only when the jQuery library (needed to make the module works) is already included by another Joomla! extension or by your template.


Problem: Although I've configured my Skype account as described in the guide, my status is always offline.
Solution: Make sure allow_url_fopen option is active from php.ini configuration file at your hosting service.

Problem: Skype status icon is not visible although link to my Skype account is present. Why?
Solution: May be necessary to eliminate some older version of jQuery included in HTML head from your template or any other Joomla! extension: they could override the most recent version included by Skype Status module.